Bakers Kneaded Brand Makeover

The Baker’s Kneaded Transformation:

Small Green Door recently undertook the challenge of transforming Baker’s Kneaded's brand identity within 48 hours. This included photography, design, copywriting, and web development. Our multidisciplinary team worked in harmony, each bringing their expertise to create a cohesive and revitalized brand presence for Baker’s Kneaded. The synergy between our website developers and photographers ensured that each image was perfectly tailored for the website's layout, guaranteeing a visually cohesive digital experience.

This all-inclusive approach streamlined the process and eliminated the typical delays associated with coordinating multiple external contractors, ensuring a swift and cohesive brand relaunch.

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Understanding the Brand:

To fully capture the essence of Baker's Kneaded, we delved deep into the heart of their business. We learned from Carlos Enriquez, the chef and founder, about his aspirations to scale his operations nationally and his passion for maintaining the artisanal quality of his products.

Carlos shared personal stories that are deeply embedded in the brand's identity. His sourdough starter, named 'Ruby' after his daughter, symbolizes the intimate connection between his family and his craft. These anecdotes were vital in shaping the narrative and visual content.

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Photographic Strategy:

Our photography team was tasked with capturing the luxury and authenticity of Baker’s Kneaded’s offerings. Through a mix of top-down and styled shots, we effectively showcased the vibrant colors, texture, and integrity of the baked goods.

Digital Presence:

Our on-site copywriters and web developers worked closely to weave the brand’s narrative seamlessly throughout the website. This integration ensures that each visitor experiences the same warmth and authenticity online as they would in-store.

This rapid transformation isn’t just about a new look; it’s about reinforcing Baker’s Kneaded's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Visit their website or check out their Instagram to see the results of our collaboration.

Mission Accomplished:

Our mission was to extend the sensory appeal of Baker’s Kneaded's artisanal products to a wider audience through a beautifully crafted website. The entire project, from initial concept to live launch, was executed in two days, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and quality.

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