Small Green What?
There's nothing small or green in sight at Small Green Door, find out why.
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A side of our studio can be seen from the corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Como Street. The building is made of bricks that were painted black. Turn onto Como Street and find a tall wooden gate fencing off the entrance. Our address, 2075, is in silver, popping against the dark brown wood. Open the gate and find our studio door. It isn’t small or green. It’s black, like the rest of the building.

Inside, our tall walls are painted white, accented by the same colored wood used for our front gate. Our desks match that accent wood. Our chairs are black with silver legs and arm rests that match the worn out blues of our floor. Our couches are brown and yellow. The art on our walls showcases shades of pink and red, and some pastels. There is hardly any green in our studio.

In fact, the only small green door we know of is unintentionally in the corner of a painting in the kitchen. The door’s placement is quite curious. Why is it there? Who was it built for? What’s behind it? The most curious thing about it, though, is its power to make people curious themselves; to make them wonder where it leads and what would happen if they could enter it.

That’s what we aspire to create for our studio, our clients, and our visitors: a curiosity to question, a desire for answers, and inspiration for your next creative endeavor. Small Green Door is an evolving idea, fueled by the creative energies of those who enter; of those searching for their own green door. We made our space malleable. Our walls can slide, turning our open conference room into a closed off gallery space. Our open floor plan lets us create the ideal set for a variety of different shoots-- from showcasing shoes to furniture to yoga to whatever comes next.

Small Green Door is an experience; a chance to be part of an inclusive artistic community that works with myriad mediums. Whether it’s a website, or a catalogue; whether we’re showcasing our space to designers and curators, or coordinating a photoshoot and writing corresponding content, we’ll build you a door the world will want to open. A door that can transform perceptions and spark ideas. A door that you’ll want to fall into.