ChatGPT and Product Photography

We're always looking for innovative ways to tackle projects and be more efficient for our clients. Recently, our associate photographer, Cody Tatro, had the opportunity to work on an extensive retouching project for a product packaging company. After shooting hundreds of individual photos and compositing them together to form a matrix of e-commerce options, he faced the challenge of how to produce more than 1,300 file names for each unique variation.

When discussing his challenge with Niki, another small green door creative, they realized that traditional file naming would take too much time and create a wide platform for human error. Niki came up with the idea to automate the file naming process to streamline Cody’s retouching workflow. 

Creativity is a team effort - and AI is a member of our team at small green door

The concept was to use OpenAI's GPT-4 language model to generate custom Python code which would automate the complicated naming process. Niki and Cody then collaborated with Avo, our photography assistant, who happens to be fluent in Python coding! Avo exported the code’s output to an Excel spreadsheet with all of the file names. With the help of OpenAI's language model and Avo's expertise in Python, our team was able to come up with a solution for quick and accurate e-commerce file naming.

This creative solution not only saved studio time and increased efficiency for the retouching team, but also helped our client’s bottom line; as the unique, well-organized file names enabled easier sorting and organization of the product images on their end.

The automation of the naming process eliminated the possibility of human error, ensuring that each product combination was accurately represented and easily searchable.

At small green door, we believe that innovation and creativity are the keys to success in any project. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and creating innovative solutions, we are able to provide our clients with high-quality work to meets their unique needs. In this case study, we were able to transform a tedious and time-consuming task into a streamlined and efficient process, allowing Cody was able to focus on the creative aspects of the project. Contact us today to learn more about our retouching services and how we can help you streamline your workflow.

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