Responsibility of Advertising

gif of young girl in apple air pod max cleaning with Dyson vacuum cleaner

As creatives we believe that there is an infinite glut of mundane product images populating every social, editorial, and media platform. Now is the time to re-examine creative responsibility in advertising. 

We are particularly surprised when we see great and innovative brands take an antiquated approach to illustrating the functionality of their products. We challenged ourselves to stage a case study in advertising for the Dyson - Outsize Total Clean Cordless Vacuum.

Why Dyson?

We have been eyeing Dyson for a while, as they embody several of small green door's primary values: holistic innovation, the reimagining of reality, and the abandonment of  conventional approaches. We also happened to have a Dyson Vacuum in the studio. 

Dyson is  known for their unique and inventive designs, but their marketing has always left us wanting for more. Although Dyson is not one of our clients … yet… they seemed like the perfect candidate for us to demonstrate how creative photography can elevate and strengthen the presentation of creative products. Here's how we did it: 

Our Creative Concept: 

Our concept was to capture childlike wonder and demonstrate how technology can spark curiosity. We wanted to show the infinite possibilities available making even daily household activities, even vacuuming, seem almost magical. 

One of our studio photographers, Cody Tatro, came up with an idea that would, "highlight the product's functionality and communicate the wonder of technological innovation." In classic creative studio fashion, we started with a concept, then brainstormed until we arrived at a precise plan of action, where each team member's skills were optimized.

two apartment sets built in the small green door studio

Two apartment sets were built in the small green door photography studio.

two apartment sets built in the small green door studio

We decided to build two separate apartment sets that would be photoshopped together at the floor and ceiling in post production. On the top floor, a young girl is vacuuming with her family's new Dyson vacuum cleaner. The bottom floor shows furniture inexplicably suspended from the ceiling. The furniture in the bottom apartment is vintage and antiquated, while the apartment above is more modern and chic. The surreal scene of a vacuum being powerful enough to raise furniture a floor below nods to Dyson’s extreme functionality. 

It was important that our model was young in order to display the child-like imagination that new technology can provide. She is joyfully vacuuming while listening to music, oblivious that she effecting the furniture in the apartment below. 

Examining the Responsibility of Creative Advertising 

"A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective".

– Irving Penn

Our theory at small green door is that the art of creative thinking and conceptual photography will improve the marketing industry by offering a more transparent and honest brand representation while keeping a product's narrative and promise alive. Although conceptual photography can take additional time and effort, savvy consumers expect brands to deliver more complex and dimensional campaigns. It’s our responsibility as creatives to best serve the brand and its customers by presenting advertising images in a thoughtful, novel, and sensitive way. 

creative marketing campaign shot of a young girl vacuuming on the top and furniture flying toward the roof

The finished concept shot.

We love Dyson products, which is why we wanted to see their functionality shown in a more creative light. If you would like to discuss how we can bring your brand’s voice and product to life and go beyond the accepted standard, contact us to get the conversation started. 

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