Flat Lay Fanatics

A lot of photographers hate shooting flat lays. It takes an incredible amount of creativity to arrange products in an interesting way, years of lighting expertise to get every shadow just right, a sharp eye for precision, and the patience to deal with it all. The article “Flat Lay, Go Away” is one of the top results on a quick Google search. It details all the aforementioned ways in which flat lays can be a photographer’s worst nightmare.

For those who don’t know, flat-lay photography consists of products styled on a flat surface and shot from above. This is where true creativity and photo-expertise is tested. Everything placed in the shot has to be purposeful, carefully designed, and adds to the overall image aesthetic. 

While flat lays might be a nightmare for some, our head photographer Dunja Dumanski loves them. In fact, they’re one of her favorite ways to shoot product because there are no models, no location scouting, and no time lost waiting for hair and make-up or wardrobe changes-- just her working alongside a prop stylist to deliver clean, crisp images.

Our studio is perfect for flat lays because we get a ton of natural light through our gallery windows and we have a rolling archive of surfaces to choose from. If the client prefers sharper lighting or a colored seamless, we’ve got that covered too.

Some of our favorite flat-lays we’ve shot have been for our friends at Beyond Yoga! Their shoots are always bright and colorful.

flat lay photography - yoga clothes on a table flat lay with various cool- toned accessories

Another fun flat-lay shoot was with Sicky Eyewear. We got to have some fun experimenting with different ways to shoot his glasses. We always appreciate clients who want to do something a little different than a traditionally standard flat lay.

sunglasses flat lay photography

Our time with TOMS  produced some great flat lays too. We love how crisp these photos turned out.

flat lay photography - colorful bags and toms shows hanging from string beside a rose

Need some inspiration for your next flat lay shoot? Already have an idea for one? Have always wanted to try something you think no one else has done before?Shoot us an email or DM us on Instagram with all the details so we can make your vision a reality.

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