Interactive Design

Ogio's ecommerce website showcasing a wide range of backpacks, luggage, and golf bags. The homepage features a hero image of a person wearing a backpack, with various navigation options such as Shop, Collections, and Custom. The website also includes customer reviews, product details, and a shopping cart for easy checkout.
Ogio's ecommerce website showcasing: Two individuals walking along a beachfront path carrying backpacks and duffle bags, with a beautiful ocean view in the background.
Urbane and Gallant" ecommerce website featuring a variety of high-end men's clothing and accessories. The homepage showcases a banner image of flatly. Navigation links are provided at the top of the page for easy browsing
Shop the Collection section on the Urbane and Gallant ecommerce website featuring a male model wearing a tailored suit.
 A man wearing a suit posing against a white backdrop in the shop section of Urbane and Gallant's ecommerce website. This is the details section where customers can adjust the color and size of the suit.
A flat lay of a pair of leather shoes and a suit jacket displayed on the landing page of the Urbane and Gallant ecommerce website.