360 Brand Development for Aura's Watch Launch

Inside the Studio: Everything is Connected

We are thrilled to present a project that beautifully encapsulates our capabilities here at Small Green Door - Aura's recent website launch. This endeavor perfectly demonstrates how every visual element, from photography to UI and UX design, interconnects to authentically convey a brand's essence.

Website Design and Development: A Seamless Digital Experience

Our goal was to provide Aura with a robust digital presence, and so, we meticulously crafted a website that embodies their unique vision. Our web development team engineered a user-friendly platform, ensuring that exploring Aura's exquisite watch collection would be effortless. Notably, our web developers collaborated closely with our talented photographers, resulting in perfectly harmonized imagery that tells Aura's story flawlessly.

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Photography and Retouching: Achieving Visual Excellence

The photographers shot Aura's e-commerce and marketing photography. The product photography captured the details of Aura's pieces, while our marketing images were crafted to captivate. Every detail was captured within our studio sanctuary.

After we finished our five-day shoot, our retouching experts took the reins. They fine-tuned every detail of Aura's pieces. This attention to detail is the cornerstone of an enhanced customer experience, underscoring Aura's unwavering commitment to excellence.

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