small green door is expanding

Small Green Door is excited to share our move to a new creative space in the vibrant community of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. As we start the 10,000 square foot remodel, we are reinforcing our commitment to creative expansion and green sustainability.

Our goal in this new space is to eventually pioneer a completely zero-waste creative production company where creatives can work harmoniously to meet their various goals.

One last thing… We are going to make this entire remodel happen with just one bag of trash. Here's how we're making it happen:


Leo and Dunja, the founders of Small Green Door, believe in retaining the historical character of spaces during the remodeling process. They draws inspiration from Mexico City's urban landscape, where history and modernity blend. This philosophy is central to our approach in Boyle Heights, where we aim to preserve the building's original features while introducing modern updates.

The goal is to create a functional and inspiring environment for various creative projects, keeping the neighborhood's cultural integrity at the forefront.

Sustainable Materials: 

Our renovation at Small Green Door is deeply rooted in sustainability, prioritizing the use of recyclable materials and collaborating with Cisco Furniture for sustainable furnishing solutions. We're dedicated to meticulously organizing leftover materials into a materials library, cataloging each piece by type, color, wear, and finish. We're taking a step further by recycling galvanized metal; with a metal smith on-site, we can readjust and repurpose metal pieces. These materials will also be 3D scanned for a digital library, reducing waste and sparking inspiration for future projects.


We are actively exploring sustainable energy solutions, with a focus on harnessing solar power. Our initiative is to integrate solar panels to meet our energy needs; we are looking to go a step further by potentially creating an excess energy resource for the Boyle Heights community. This plan involves connecting to a micro-grid energy storage system to develop a battery that can support and stabilize local energy systems.

By effectively storing and distributing excess solar energy, we aim to contribute to a more resilient and sustainable local energy infrastructure. This provides a tangible benefit to the neighborhood, reinforcing our role as a community-focused creative hub.

Earth: Native Plants + Food 

Small Green Door is collaborating with the Theodore Payne Foundation to enhance our native plant landscapes. We're committed to planting native vegetation around our premises, not only enriching local biodiversity but also improving air quality in the neighborhood. This effort aligns with our new Small Green Seeds initiative, where we are working = integrate ecological restoration into urban spaces. By scattering seed tortillas made with shredded junkmail filled with native seeds, we aim to transform urban areas into vibrant, green spaces that support local ecosystems and community well-being.

Sustainable Nutrition

 Small Green Door is launching a chef program to enhance our studio's culinary experience. We're setting up an on-site kitchen with a garden to grow fresh herbs and vegetables. This initiative aims to reduce catering waste by using fresh produce sourced directly from local farmers markets. Our goal is to offer healthier, more sustainable food options for our shoots and events, supporting both the environment and our community.

Connecting Communities: The Heart of Our Studio

Our new space is designed to foster connections between individuals, communities, and the earth. The interdependence of these elements is at the core of our building's design.

Small Green Door is committed to creating a sustainable, community-focused hub of creativity in Boyle Heights. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to champion these dynamic changes in Los Angeles and beyond. 

Our studio’s philosophy revolves around the intersection of creativity, commercial success, community impact, and sustainability. These principles have always guided our studio. 

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